Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The gift that keeps on giving

Even though it involves a car, this Toyota story really has legs:
What does a Toyota have in common with a person who has a photographic memory ?

Total recall.

Really, though, doesn't Toyota have the perfect ad slogan?

Moving forward.

The crisis may have caught Toyota napping, but not its competitors. They tried to pick off new car buyers quicker than you can stop a Prius.

Still, it's hard to make up good jokes when reality is even better. Do you know what Toyota's president & CEO rode away in after his press conference?

An Audi


John Ettorre said...

The irony of that ad slogan gave me a belly laugh.

Mike Q said...

Yeah, most corporate taglines are comical, like the bank (Key, I think) that used to say, "Achieve anything." I always pictured some guy going in to ask for a $1 million loan, with no collateral or earnings potential. "What? I can't have the money? But you said I could 'achieve anything.'"

John Ettorre said...

As I learned recently on a project in which I had to write one for a nonprofit organization, writing a good tagline is way harder than it looks.

Nick said...

Toyota. There's no stopping us now.

Mike Q said...