Friday, September 11, 2015

Ohio is in Denali denial

To hear Ohioans cry about changing Alaska's Mount McKinley back to its original name, Denali, you'd think it means we'll have to rename the McKinley high schools and all of the McKinley thoroughfares, too.

At any rate, it's unlikely the new "old" name will make the highest peak in North America any less of an attraction for mountain climbers and other sightseers.


Ah, the significance of names. I drive a car whose color is said to be Sunset Red. Given that this could very well be my last car, the name gives me pause. But the other option was Impact Blue and that might be tempting fate. Impact. What kind of color is that for a car? How about Collision Green? Total Black? Reckless Silver?


Speaking of getting older, I kind of liked it better when PSA primarily referred to Public Service Announcement.