Tuesday, August 25, 2015

If this is a correction what's a mistake?

Don't you love it when a precipitous drop in the stock market, like the one occurring right now, is said to be a correction? Does that mean the way the market normally functions is a mistake? Why should a term with such a positive connotation apply to something so negative? The answer, of course, is that when it comes to informing the public about anything, the goal is always to put a positive spin on it.


If the market doesn't overcome its latest correction, it may be time to consider other options – like the job opportunities routinely transmitted by Linked In, the self-proclaimed World's Largest Professional Network. Recent suggestions I've received included the writing-oriented positions I might expect, but also –

Tax Reviewer!

Assistant Nurse Manager!!


Believe me, If I ever have to seek out a pawn shop, it won't be to apply for a job.


Speaking of positive spins, Cleveland's Gateway Corporation has approved installation of a bigger scoreboard at Progressive Field. Hmmmm – maybe to hold all of those runs the team is going to score next year?