Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A shoe in the hand is worth two in the -- uh, never mind

The Iraqui journalist's shoe assault on President Bush promises to be a story that has legs. Now the focus has shifted to the Secret Service and why agents didn't intervene sooner.

But their philosphy has always been "Shoe first, ask questions later."


For future addresses, either as president or former president, Mr. Bush may want to consult my previous post on handling audience disturbances.


John Ettorre said...

Mike, I just finished reading a great book, "Born Standing Up,
Steve Martin's memoir of his stand up comedy days. In it, he tells a story about how he dealt with hecklers: "I would use a psychological act. I would lower my voice and continue with my act, talking almost inaudibly. The audience couldn't hear the show, and they would shut the heckler up on their own." Not sure that would work with shoe-throwers, however.

Mike Q said...

To me, stand up makes your average speaking gig seem like a walk in the park. Might have to get that book sometime.